This is Mun, a three years old blue eye charmer. A Saint Birman cat. Who would resist his hypnotizing cat look? Can bet not many of us. As an animal lover and a cat soul mate, I would really love to travel with my cat. But… this is apparently not happening. Of course, cats rulz 🙂 Cats are very bond to one place and are generally freaked out of driving in a car (accept ones who enjoy the ride of course). Well, Mun is one of the anti-driving companions. Yes, unfortunately this is the guy!

So, he is a reason why I am taking shorter road trips (2-3 days) for now. But, it does not mean I plan less of going on a road trip or enjoy travelling less. No, it means I get the chance to travel shorter but often. And I love it!

While I am away, Mun is being taken good care of by my good neighbour (he gets along well with all the neighbors in the house and is actually our guardian, because he behaves like a dog). However, I have to be honest and say that I am missing him a lot even just for a few days being apart. That’s love 🙂

When I am thinking of travelling with pets, I would assume that it is much more easier to travel with dogs than with cats (in my opinion). Most of them just can not wait to jump on to the front or the back sit of a car and enjoy the wind in their ears while looking throughout the window. It is always fascinating and funny at the same time for me seeing dogs enjoying the ride! This is just too cute. There is also a fact that dogs just can not be apart from their owners, and yes, they are more sentimental than cats are! It is true. They just melt down while sitting next to their owners happily waving tails. Cats are just more likely to be most of the time uninterested and self sufficient. Even thought, there is always their “5 minutes” for cuddling. Nevertheless, dogs are born to be active and adventurous but cats are right opposite creatures, lazy and cuddling buddies.

I have never actually travel with pats and I would like to know about your experiences and how it works. Please share your thoughts on traveling with or without pets. Where do you leave your pats if you are going on a trip? At one point I am thinking it might be good to take our pets on our journeys but on the other hand, it might be exhausting for both, us and pets.  But, most of the time it crosses my mind how would be an adventure and pleasure travelling with my cat because he is a part of my family!

With love, M.


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