Road Trip Destination – Local

Nowadays, it is A MUST to go local while traveling the world. Many travelers want to experience places they go as locals because this is the only way to get a true insight into people, their authentic way of life and customs, places, nature and cultures. In this fast going world where everything tends to be well organized and set up by the rules, packed in fancy boxes, planned in details, organized trips are still the way many people travel the world today mostly because they feel more safe, but in fact, those trips will take you as planned on a piece of paper, from point A to point B. But, more and more people traveling the world nowadays, are seeking for more. More than just regular organized sightseeing tours, restaurant meals, walking tours down the city streets listening to the city beat. However, this is slowly changing and today’s travelers want to sneak peak behind the “city scene”. For more.

Authentic and traditional way of life has always play an important role in my life and this is why I like to travel and do my road trips behind the “city scenes”. I love driving local roads which are revealing so much to me. An authentic and honest life without “make up”.

I will give you some ideas what to look for while you are taking a road trip in Croatia. If you are staying in just one place try to make your stay more authentic and unforgettable, creating experience above your expectation by exploring the back scene of the city life. I am talking about an ordinary life in Croatia. For sure you want to know how Croatians in certain parts of Croatia are living. What can they show you? What can they tell you? Lets find out together.

So, this is what you could stumble upon while road tripping Croatian local roads.

Beautiful natural sights – from rivers to the sea, valleys and mountain tops

Beautiful river Zrmanja. This is the spot where the legendary movie Winnetou was filmed.
Island Krapanj (Šibenik county) – the smallest and lowest inhabited island. It is an island well-known of sea sponge production with a very long tradition. Vehicles are prohibited on the island.
National park Risnjak, mountain top 1528 m

Beautiful and authentic small villages (mostly hidden off the main roads) – traditional houses along Croatia made of wood or stone depending of the region

An old wooden house

kucica briska
An old house in the northern part of Croatia, Varaždin county.
stone house
A stone house typical for Istria and Dalmatia. This photo was taken in Kotli, Istria.

Cultural and historical heritage – many castles, old towns, fortresses and manors

Veliki Tabor
Castle Veliki Tabor, Hrvatsko Zagorje
Old town Dubovac, Karlovac
Old town Ribnik, Karlovac county

Helping and hospitable people – always there to offer you with local specialties and wine of course (we are proud of winemaking) 

Plesivica vineyards
Plesivica vineyards, Žumberak

Opportunity to stay active – go rafting, kayaking, paddle surfing, hiking, cycling and much more

Zrmanja ps
Paddle surf on river Zrmanja
Ravna Gora
Hiking, doing yoga and sharing friendship, Ravna Gora mountain (666 m), Hrvatsko Zagorje

I tried to give you an insight of what can be seen and enjoyed along the local roads in Croatia. I will give my best to be more detailed from time to time. Now, I would like to share all my road trips done so far and further on I hope to be writing about my actual road trips.

Nevertheless, I would love to know about your recent road trip in Croatia. Share with me some places you have found interesting so I might hit the road soon. Or if you are headed to explore Croatia, I can suggest you some of my favorite places 😉

Wishing you all an amazing day!

With love, M!


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