Hello, it’s me…

Hello My Dear Friends!

Won’t be writing too much about myself. I will keep it simple, the way I am.

Yes. Simple. Emotional. Qurious and adventurous. My name is Marija which is a very common name in Croatia. I live in Varazdin, beautiful fairytale city in the northern part of Croatia. Baroque, culture, bicycles, flowers, angels, cobblestone streets and palaces, are just couple of words to be representing my beautiful home town.

I am an ordinary individual. Most of the time a down to earth dreamer.  At the same time realist and a dreamer. If I could say so. Nature and animal lover. 100% cat person. I am a home to my traveler soul. As I grew up in a village I could proudly say that I am a village girl, raised in modesty, cultivating fields and enjoying the traditional way of life. Nowadays I feel nostalgic about that time and try to live it back by collecting old traditional furniture and pieces, restoring them and displaying at my little and modest home. I love to keep myself creative in order to make things. Self taught in sewing, drawing and crafting are just some of my character displays.

I’m not an expert for life. But I know how to live it. I try to live it and enjoy it the best I know and can. It is simple formula for that – I listen to myself. I am not perfect and I do not want to be. What is perfection anyway? But instead, I like to give myself a try, a chance. Over and over again. I give myself a try to make mistakes and to succeed. This is my way to exist and learn.

This blog is my mission to learn more about my home country and to share my experiences and positive energy with you. I would love to meet new friends from all  over the world so please be welcome to write me. We might work together as well so I welcome any chance for collaboration! As I know my english is not perfect, this would be an excellent way for me to improve it. I do apologize for mistakes!

On The Road

I love being on the road. It is freedom to me. Road. It is the best travelling companion. It is the one who listens and stays silent along the way. And I will be grateful. Always. Silently watching the ever moving scenery.

Travelling many roads in Croatia is simply breathtaking. Especially local roads which I like to travel the most. You never know what to expect. It doesn’t matter if it is because you have not been there yet or because you have not heard of it. It simply doesn’t matter.  What matters is an excitement of revealing unexpected sights and making a moment of truth when your heart starts to beat faster, when your mind is being blown away and your feet cannot stop. This is the moment of being captured by centrifugal force. Afterwards you just keep travelling to discover and discovering to learn.

Road makes me rich. It keeps me spontaneous and adventurous. It gives me the opportunity to discover less seen places. Especially while travelling less travelled roads. From now on I will be more than happy to share with you all the beautiful places around Croatia that I have discovered on my road trips. Not only that, I want to give you an idea and motivation to pack your bags and hit the road in order to see less commercialized and hidden gems of beautiful Croatia.

Enjoy Croatia the way it is!

Let’s go!


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